Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taking a Deeper Look into Anxiety

We all get anxious at some time in our lives, but most of us are able to move past it and continue functioning. Well, what would happen if you became so anxious and so worked up that instead, you shut down. Well this happens more often than you would think. Anxiety is a disorder that affects more than 60 million people here in the U.S. and it can potentially have devastating effects on people’s daily lives.

Since the beginning of this semester, I began a new job as the Lead swimming instructor at a fitness center here in Syracuse. Doing this, I have met all sorts of different people from the community, as well as many of the young kids in the area. One thing that stands out to me often is the increased anxiety of new swimmers and putting their faces under the water. This is something that can and does hold back young swimmers from learning to actually swim without any flotation devices. This sense of fear has the power to literally cripple people and this has sparked my interest in learning more about this subject.

This has driven my decision to do my research study on anxiety and its effect on Physical Education. Being in a few different physical education classes for different observations and to teach, I have seen this first hand and it wasn’t a pleasant scene. I want to learn more about this subject, so that I can potentially help students who may be dealing with this disorder in one of my future classes.

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