Friday, March 9, 2012

Field Experience Day 3 Kindergarten 3/1/12

Skill Themes and Student Abilities:
Today with my kindergarteners we were starting out the basketball unit. Our focus with this lesson was ball manipulation; to include dribbling while being stationary as well as moving through the general space. We quickly learned that some of the students in the class had never handled a ball before, and this really shocked me. I figured that at this point in the student’s lives they would have some experience with balls, but multiple students told me that they had never done anything like this before. While I was disturbed to hear this, it only motivated me further to help them strengthen their skills. We started on the ground just rolling the ball around their bodies on the floor as well as moving it around their bodies by holding it. This helped to familiarize them with the weight and feel of the ball.

After they became more comfortable moving the ball around we began with 3 simple cues to help them start dribbling. The cues were fingers, push, and waist. The cues really helped the students control the ball when dribbling while stationary, and while some still struggled they all slowly became more proficient. We then had them move around the gym dribbling and trying to maintain control while moving. This lesson taught me to never assume the abilities of the students, because you can never really know where they are in their ability level, or what sort of exposure they have.

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