Friday, March 9, 2012

Field Experience Day 5 Kindergarten 3/8/12

Knowledge of Students:

By now I feel like I am really getting to know the students in my class, and they surely know me. Every time they come in now, they are saying; “Hi Mr. Jones, are you our teacher today?”. This is such a good feeling, because while they know me, I know am learning the students, and their abilities as well as their normal behaviors. My master teacher has mentioned multiple times that the classes that I work with are by far his most difficult students. Our talks normally revolve around the management aspect of teaching, and I feel that this is an area that I need to continue refining.

The kindergarteners like all kids their age are absolutely full of energy, and they surely feed off of the teacher leading them. While we keep the enthusiasm up, we also know which students we need to keep a handle on, because they tend to be the ones who are getting off task, or have a difficult time staying still and quiet during the instructions. I am starting to understand the importance of knowing your students, because it makes setting up the lessons and groups much easier. For example, this week we were setting up groups for a small shooting game, and knowing which students could be paired together and which ones couldn’t made things go so much smoother. There was hardly any off task behavior and zero arguing or complaining. I think that if I hadn’t known the students as well as I do, then things would not have gone as well as they did.

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