Monday, March 19, 2012

Imagination lab

Identify a fitness theme and design appropriate fitness stations to enhance various health skill related components of fitness.

For this situation I would choose a superhero theme, with the first station being the Incredible Hulk area where students would work on powerful strength movements. These movements could include a box jump, to work on the powerful leg muscles. Another could be medicine ball throwing.

Another station would be the Superman station where kids would work to be faster than a speeding bullet. This station would be a sprinting station where kids can take the explosive power that they just worked on in the previous and put it into motion through running. The sprinting station will work on their anaerobic explosive power.

The final station would be a Spiderman station where the students would work with jump ropes. This station would work on their muscular endurance as well as be a fun activity using different jumps.

Identify people that are famous for use of imagination and creativity such as Einstein, Picasso, and Bach.

Steve Jobs is known for being a creative innovator, and he dedicated most of his life to pushing the boundaries of technology and thinking outside of the box. He created and designed products that were often looked at as awkward and strange, and yet over the years Apple has become a technology powerhouse with groundbreaking products.

Design a rubric for assessing the acting-out of inanimate objects by students in small groups as described in the activity close of this lab.

Students participation

4 – Student is actively participating during the whole activity.
3 – Student participates, but does so with little effort.
2 – Student participates, but fades in and out throughout the activity.
1 – Student doesn’t participate at all during the activity.

Movements and Sounds

4 – Student’s actions and sounds are both realistic and done with enthusiasm.
3 – Student’s actions and sounds are good enough to guess, but lack of enthusiasm exists.
2 – Student only performs a few actions with little or no sound
1 – Student doesn’t perform any movements or sounds

Cognitive and Affective involvement

4 – Student carefully thinks about movements as well as works well with other group members.
3 – Student thinks little about movements and works only slightly with other group members.
2 – Student doesn’t think about movements and rarely helps/works with group members.
1 – Student isn’t involved in the process or group at all.

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