Monday, April 18, 2011

A Collage of Awsomeness!


Another great week with the students at St. Mary’s! This week was Dinosaur Train, and to bring dinosaurs into the class room I decided that we would design and color our own dinosaur eggs. I brought in egg shaped foam with special markers and everyone got to create multiple different eggs and take them home. Then as a special surprise, since everyone did such a great job everyone got their own special dinosaur egg to take home. This was a nice treat for them, and served as a great way to hold their attention and something that they could take home and love forever (or the next 30 seconds)!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Get Outside!

Spring is finally here (not to jinx things) but it's time for everyone to get out and enjoy the lack of snow. I noticed that my neighborhood has finally come out of hibernation, and people are finally out moving about. I met a few new families, and did so through walking around the neighborhood. As future physical educators we need to be encouraging people to get out and MOVE! Movement is the key to healthier lives, and we need to be taking every opportunity to encourage people to get out and do something. So take sieze the day and get outside.