Friday, March 9, 2012

Field Experience Day 3 3rd Grade (2nd Class) 3/1/12

Communication with Colleagues, Others:

Our final lesson of the day was a group of eager and well behaved 3rd graders that were even more excited that I was going to get to be their teacher.  Since I did such a good job with the large group of mixed grades, the teacher asked me if I wanted to lead this lesson as well. I was more than willing and excited for such an awesome opportunity to further my skills. Before the lesson even began the classroom teacher came in and spoke with myself and the master teacher about one of the students who had recently lost his father. He told us that the student‘s mood and demeanor was still good, but he was really looking forward to our class, because it was his favorite time of the week.
This news and the teachers concern pushed me even more to make this class as much fun for the student as I could. The lesson went as planned, and the students worked on their dribbling as well as their shooting, but this wasn’t the most important part of the lesson to me. Instead, the amount of enthusiasm and energy I put into it was what made the lesson stand out to me. After the lesson, the students were all smiling and the teacher thanked me for my hard work. It was a nice feeling knowing that I can help a student just by putting in that little bit of extra effort.

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