Friday, March 9, 2012

Field Experience Day 3 Kindergarten/1st Grade 3/1/12

Students with Special Needs:

Needing to make up a day after falling ill, I decided to stay for the remainder of the day, and the next group I was able to work with, was a much larger group of mixed grades. The 48 student class was made up of kindergarteners as well as 1st graders as well as a few students with disabilities. Since the group was a mix of students who had been exposed to the sport, and students that hadn’t, the teacher decided to start everyone back off from the beginning. He did this, because even those students who had already had a basketball unit last year, his experience taught him that the students would still greatly benefit from the review.

This class was different, because since we had already done this lesson before today, he wanted me to lead this class and he would observe and assist me if needed. While this was a surprise, I was excited and up to the challenge. I started off with the simple ball manipulation skills on the ground, the same we had done in the previous lesson. I then moved into the dribbling cues that we had previously used. Once I had the students moving around dribbling, I went over and focused more attention on the students with special needs. This individualized attention was fantastic, because the students who were getting frustrated completely turned it around after I helped them one on one. Once the students had this extra attention, they really shined and their skills improved dramatically.

This was a truly great experience, not only because I had a great time, but also I felt honored that the teacher had enough confidence in my abilities to give me the reigns of his class. It was a great learning experience, because while I have led many lessons at many different times, this was the first time that I was on my own in a public school as the sole teacher in charge. This motivated me even more to keep striving towards my future career.

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