Thursday, March 22, 2012

Field Experience Day 6 Kindergarten 3/22/12

Skill Themes and Student Abilities

Today was the start of our Frisbee/throwing unit in the kindergartener class. We had a main activity that was geared towards having the students get as many possible different throws in in the period as possible. There were lines marked off for the students to be paired off and a line that they would be throwing behind. Instead of having just one target, there were over 50 pins/targets set at different distances and of varying sizes. Also to add spice to the lesson, there were different objects set up top of the flat pins that the students could aim at.
While the children enjoyed being able to try and knock down the different targets, this gave the master teacher and I the ability to assess their different throwing abilities. Each set of students had a barrel in front of them with many different sized balls and Frisbees to throw at whatever target they chose. Through this activity we were able to give corrective feedback to each and every student as they threw the different objects. This was good, because while there were some students who could throw the balls, they might have had trouble with the Frisbees or vice versa. The individual attention allowed for specific corrections while not singling any students out. I thought that this way of assessing and correcting was absolutely perfect and there wasn’t a single thing I would change. Overall it was a very productive and fun lesson.

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