Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Field Experience Day 5 3rd Grade 3/15/12

Knowledge of the Students

I have been given the reigns of this class, and with great pride I am making my best attempts at becoming their teacher. I feel like I am steadily getting to know each and every one of my students on many different levels. I am learning names, backgrounds, abilities and attitudes. This is making things much easier and effective when deciding who should be working together, and which students are going to perform stronger in different activities. Since this class does a lot of working with partners and groups, knowing how to quickly choose teams/groups makes transitioning between tasks much smoother.

Dealing with the behavior issues in this class takes more effort than anything else that goes on during a lesson. As I have stated before there are a handful of students in this class that are known to try and poison the group through misbehaving. This week I used my knowledge of the students to strategically place these certain students in certain groups where I know they will be surrounded by positivity and other students who are going to keep them on task. Since we did a stations style activity today, the knowledge of the students was vital in the lesson going as effortlessly as it did. I now fully understand the importance of learning as much about my students as I can.

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