Monday, April 9, 2012

Field Experience Day 7 Kindergarten 3/29/12

Students with Special Needs
Beginning our bowling unit today started with the group learning about how to set up the pins for the bowling activity. All the pin spots are designated with spots marked on each lane, and the ball returns are located in between every other lane. We then moved quickly into the students practicing bowling and gripping the balls. While this was easier for some than others, for the most part everyone was able to successfully bowl the ball down the lane knocking down pins.
In this group we do have a student with Autism, and he struggled with this activity. He was very fixated on the pins getting knocked down and it was difficult for him to leave them alone. He constantly wanted to run up and simply kick them over. He also was uninterested in setting them back up. This was frustrating for his group members that he was working with, because they were constantly waiting to set everything back up. Eventually, another teacher came in and worked one on one with him to try to focus his attention on being productive rather than destructive. Once this teacher came in he was able to focus much more on the task rather than knocking everything over. I feel that if this other teacher had not been there, the lesson wouldn’t have worked out as well. A lot of our attention and efforts were concentrated on keeping him on task prior to this, leaving a lot of the other students without the guidance that they needed. I gained a better grasp on the need for modifications for students that need more attention.

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