Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Field Experience Day 9 3rd Grade 4/19/12

Skill Themes and Student Abilities

Working on our volleyball skills again today was a challenge due to the way I had the skill progressions planned. I had planned that the children would self toss the ball and then forearm pass it up and catch it. After discussing the progressions after the lesson, I came to the conclusion that I should have moved around the order in which I chose progressions. This was a great wake up call, because it had me start thinking in a different manner. While we already know that students need guidance with learning new skills, sometimes we forget the smaller details that can have a large impact on our success or failure. 

That being said I didn't take into account the automatic movements that I already possess when I was coming up with the activity. I didn't even think that the motion of tossing a ball up and putting the hands in the proper position would be difficult, but it was. The students struggled with getting their hands back into position to bump the ball, and in hind sight I would have rather them done this activity with a partner throwing the ball to them. Yet another learning point that I will take away from this experience.

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