Monday, April 9, 2012

Field Experience Day 7 3rd Grade 3/29/12

Assessments of Student Learning

Today the 3rd grade class was beginning their bowling unit as well, and we started the lesson with the students learning the cues and rules of the bowling activity we had planned. Today was also the day we had decided to perform the preassessment for our up coming volleyball unit. We decided to have a seperate station set up off to the side where I would be evaluating one student at a time on their vollying skills.

I decided to do the preassessment this way, so that I would have time to evaluate the data from the preassessment and plan my lessons accordingly. I decided to pull students asside while the others worked on the bowling activity, because it was very unintrusive of the other lesson going on and didn't disrupt any of the other students. We worked as a team to have one teacher lead the other activity making sure that students were staying on task, and giving feedback while I worked on the assessments. I also chose to bring students to the assessing station, because they didn't feel pressure from the other students watching and they were in a more controlled environment. Overall I think that it went well, but I would have liked to move them through the evaluation a little quicker, but behavior issues slowed up the process. I do feel that this was a good way to do the assessment however, because I feel that doing the evaluation prior to the lesson will allow me to plan the upcoming lessons more effectively.

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