Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Field Experience Kindergarten Day 9 4/19/12

Reflection of Lesson

Today was my final day working with the Kindergarten class in the gym, and was also our first day starting the volleyball unit. With the volleyball unit, the host teacher has split the class periods to focus on fitness as well. This works well, because while the students are still gaining exposure to the volleyball skill themes, they are also learning about fitness and its benefits. I really liked the idea of splitting up the class time to incorporate fitness, because the students only have PE once a week, so this gives them the opportunity to cover more material then they might have had the two not been combined.

We did the fitness portion of the class utilizing 4 stations set up in each quadrant of the gym, separated by the crossing volleyball nets. This allowed for easy to understand transitions as well as maintaining visibility of the students at all times. One thing that I would have changed would be to not have had the students using the jump ropes, because very few of the students were actually able to do the skill properly, and it wasn't feasible to have a teacher there correcting every group of students.

With the volleyball portion, we focused on the overhand smash, because it worked on the students hand eye coordination as well as being a valuable skill in volleyball. To make the skills easier to perform, we had the students use beach balls rather than an actual volleyball. This made the balls much more manageable and the students were able to perform the cues as well.

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