Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Field Experience Day 8 1st Grade 4/17/12

Skill themes and student abilities

Today I worked with a different group of students due to state testing changes in the schedule. This was a good thing though, because it allowed me the opportunity to work with a 1st grade class, and see the differences in abilities of a different age group. While their skills weren’t far and above that of the Kindergarten class that I normally work with, there were distinct differences. For instance, their coordination levels were developed more, and they were able to move with more ease and fluidity as opposed to the Kindergarteners.

One thing that was similar was that there was little differentiation between the skill themes worked on. The teacher explained to me that he doesn’t differentiate the skill themes between the two groups, but instead he simply looks for more proficiency of the student’s movements. I wasn’t sure how to feel about this, because while their skill levels weren’t drastically different, I did expect there to be differentiation between the two lessons.

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