Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Field Experience Day 8 3rd Grade 4/17/12

Management Strategies

In the lesson today with the 3rd graders, the gym was split into four distinct quadrants by two crossing nets that spanned the entire gym. This naturally set the class into a stations setting, and the lesson was based accordingly. The quadrant setup allowed me to easily manage the class within their stations, because I was able to quickly and easily see what was going on throughout the lesson. I was able to monitor behavior and participation as well as give individual feedback quite easily and efficiently.

I think that stations are a great way to manage a classroom, because it allows students to work on their task without having the entire class watching them. It also breaks up the class into many different activities adding in a variety of tasks. This is the same style of classroom management that I used and plan to use again to complete my assessments. Having success in the lesson furthered my belief that stations can be effective when utilized properly. 

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