Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lab 4

Explain how a unit based on lessons of this nature would serve as a foundation for acquiring specialized throwing and catching skills.

The use of beanbags is going to provide a safe and effective way for students to learn crucial throwing and catching techniques. Since the beanbags are soft and moldable, they make for an easy object to catch, because they won’t bounce out of the students’ hands, nor will they hurt the students’ hands when caught. Even though they are soft they still fly well when thrown, and won’t bounce and roll around once they land. This makes them the perfect candidate for younger students who are just learning the skills.

Identify a theme that could be applied to health hopping appropriate for young children.

You could use a race car track theme. Each student would be a race car and race around the track and when the music stops they would have to make a “pit stop” at whatever station they were near. Depending on what kind of car or motorcycle or whatever vehicle they choose, they would do a different movement around the track.
Design a checklist of critical elements to look for when observing a child performing a locomotor movement.

Does the student leave the ground on one foot?                             Y or N
Does the student land on the ground on one foot?                          Y or N
Does the student use their arms to propel forward?                        Y or N
Is the student’s knee pointing towards the ground?                         Y or N
Is their free leg moving in a swinging motion?                                  Y or N

Two beanbag games:
Modified Baggo: Using an underhand motion, students will toss 3 bags towards a pre-marked target on the floor counting the total points of the 3 throws. The students will stand a predetermined distance away from the target and move closer or further away depending on skill level.

Catching activity: Students must come up with 5 ways to throw the bean bag to a partner (depending on skill level) and then also come up with 5 ways to catch the bean bag as well. Once they have their 5 ways of throwing and 5 ways of catching, they must try and complete 5 passes using the various throws and catches.

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