Friday, February 3, 2012

Field Experience Day 1 Kindergarten 2/2/12

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On Thursday I made my way to my field experience elementary and had my first class with the kindergarten class that I will be seeing every Thursday, and I must say, they were a blast. They had just started their tennis lesson, and were learning about the racket and how to safely swing it. They did a few small activities to get them used holding the racket and how they would be using it to strike an object. Since they were obviously too young to actually play a game of tennis, the teacher had them practice hitting balloons, and trying to keep them in the air.

I was informed beforehand that this particular class could be difficult to manage, but the teacher was very effective in keeping the students on task and moving. I also aided my host teacher in managing the behavior of the students and offered my assistance whenever possible. The students really took to the lesson and I feel like the host teacher did an excellent job of hitting all of the standards, because he had the children moving, but also challenged them cognitively as well. Overall, I had a great time with the kindergarteners, and I can’t wait to go back, because they were all so excited to hear that I would be returning.

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