Thursday, February 9, 2012

Field Experience Day 2 3rd Grade 2/9/12

Knowledge of Students

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The teacher that I work with has obviously been working with these students since the beginning of the year and now has a good grasp of their abilities and what they struggle with. The third graders that I observed overall do a fairly good job with the motor skills portion of the lesson, but they often struggle with working together and staying on task. With this knowledge, the teacher is able to strategically place certain students with one another to try and alleviate some of the off task behavior. He also knows which students are going to naturally be more athletically talented, and he will often pin point students that are doing well, but he does so in such a manner that they all get a chance, and feel important.
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I think that making students feel proud of their accomplishments is so critical and is often overlooked because there are things to get through. This teacher does a fantastic job of getting to know each student he has and prides himself on knowing their skill sets and attributes. Just being here for the second time I am starting to learn which students are going to need more one on one work, and which students you can depend on to stay on task and work hard. While there should never be favorites, I feel that this age group of students has been by far my favorite experiences, just from the joy and pleasure I see in their eyes when they finally get it.

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