Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Classroom Visit 4/27/12

Today I went to visit my third graders in their general education classroom. When I arrived they were in the computer lab creating slide shows on power point to present their information they compiled from their 50 states project. I thought that this was interesting, because I know many adults that are unable to create a powerpoint. Beyond the content they were learning I was more focused on the student's behavior. For the most part I observed what I had been expecting to see; that there were my typical students who did a good job following directions and listening. There were also the normal students who were misbehaving and off task.

However I did notice that there were a few students who were normally very quiet in the gym, but were very outspoken and active in the classroom. The teacher commented to me that this was normal for these students, and that they were "un-athletic" but were very "book smart". I wasn't sure how to take this comment, because I feel that your athletic ability or academic intelligence should not be relevant to your experience in Physical Education class. I pride myself in including all of my students, not just those who are skilled movers. This was an important note that I will be taking with me back to the gym, because I don't want students to feel that they can't express themselves in the gym simply because they don't think they are "athletic".

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