Tuesday, November 8, 2011


What a fantastic learning experience for not only me, but for my peers. This was an excellent assignment that forced us to start thinking outside our comfort zone of traditional sports. Fencing has always had my interest, but always having other things taking priority, I never pursued the interest. This assignment gave me that opportunity to step out, learn a new skill and then give that new found knowledge to my peers. It also allowed me to tap into my creative side as I created my own equipment for this lesson. This new equipment I feel had a drastic affect on the students learning and how well they took to the lesson. Things weren't based upon the equipment, but it was a tool that I utilized to gain focus and direct their learning and attention. The realistic equipment helped the students to grasp the concepts more fully and was a huge hit.

Overall this lesson went just as I had hoped, now that doesn’t mean it was perfect, but it surely wasn’t a failure. I maintained control of the class and had my expectations clearly set, and followed. My instructions were briefer than normal and therefore I was more efficient. I drastically cut down on my management time as well as my instruction time, allowing for more activity. I still need to be briefer and include more activity, but I feel that I got out a vast amount of information as well as a fair amount of hands on time. I still would like to work on different teaching styles, to further my skills and potentially make me a better leader. I had no behavior issues, and the equipment was liked by all, so all in all the lesson was a great success!

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  1. loved the lesson, especially the homemade equipment! Great Job !