Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Another lesson in the books, and another experience to learn from and improve on. Lab B was a true test of adapting and overcoming obstacles that may arise unexpectedly. For starters we weren’t in the gym, which threw a giant wrench in all of my plans, but I felt that this was a good opportunity to show how well I can adapt to the change in environment and still provide an effective lesson that was not only informative, but enjoyable. I feel that my instruction showed that I was strong, confidant and enthusiastic

about what we were doing. My goal for teaching is always to achieve maximum participation, and the only way to do that is if the students are having fun, and by the amount of laughs I received during the lesson, it is safe to say that people were enjoying themselves.

Now it wasn’t all roses and hugs, because no lesson is without flaws, and for this lesson it was the amount of time it took me to get through all of the instructions. I think that I tried to incorporate too many things at once, and while they were all compatible and doable by the group, I could have shortened things significantly. Since I took so long I wasted precious activity time, but given that this was a short amount of time to begin with I feel that with practice I will do much better with my time management.

I feel that even though I took more time then I wanted to with my instruction and management, I feel that students still learned the lesson I was trying to teach them, and how important the cues were. I think that more practice time is always important, but I will ensure that my next lesson is going to maximize this time and cut down on me talking.

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  1. you did a great job adapting to the environment. Keep up the good work!