Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lab "D"one

We have come along way from where we started, and I feel that as a teacher, my skills home grown exponentially. I feel that the areas that I was weak in at the beginning of the semester, I have strengthened these areas, and focused on them enough to make them strong points of my teaching. I felt that in the beginning I tended to ramble on too long about the same information. Now I feel that I have shortened my points to only relevant information and push directly into the activities with little wasted time. This final lab has shown this, because I was able to earn all five points of the time encoding, keeping my instruction and management time to a minimum and spending over 60% of the time involved in the activities. I feel that this is something that all Physical Education teachers need to strive for, because there is far too much time wasted, especially since we have such a short time together anyways.

My students during this lesson were so busy with the activity that there was no time for horsing around and everyone was on task at all times. I had maximum participation, which is one of my major areas that I focus on in all of my lessons. I felt that in the short amount of talking that there was, some very important and relevant information was passed along. I think that even as physical education majors, many people took home some important new knowledge that will help them in their own fitness programs. I still need to focus on time during my lessons, because I tend to

lose track of it, but it didn't have a negative effect on this particular lesson. All in all thinks went well and I wouldn't change a thing. It has been a great semester, and I want to takes this opportunity to thank my peers and the TAs for all their help and hard work.

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