Monday, January 23, 2012

Who's the Professional here?

Being a professional is more than just having diplomas hanging in your office and sitting behind a desk feeling important. It is more about being important and making an impact in your field, whether that is business, healthcare or teaching. The question arises of whether all teachers are considered professionals, and one would be quick to say that a math or history teacher would be considered a professional But what about  a physical education teacher, or better yet a “gym coach”? If you are looking at our predecessors, than you might not be able to agree that they should be considered equal. However if you look into the new era of physical education, than you will see that it is more than the warm up pants and dodge ball.

To first be considered a professional, we must first act as such. We must take the appropriate steps to show that we are more than just the guy/girl who wears a whistle and rolls out the basketballs. We are educated individuals who have a solid understanding of the science behind how the body works, and what is going on during movements both cognitively as well as in the psychomotor aspect. We need to take this understanding of the mechanics of the body and use that to create units and activities that are going to show growth and development in all of our students. We must stand up and fight back against the stereotype and show that we not only deserve to be considered professionals, but that we demand that same showing of respect for our field. 

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