Thursday, January 26, 2012

lab 2 reflection

Explain why exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups have to be modified for kindergarten and first grade students in the DVL 1 group?

These exercises must be modified for the students, because they come with the risk of injury if not done in the proper manner. If we fail to modify them for our students, and their form isn’t right they could potentially feel the ill effects much later on in their lives.

Why is rhythmic activity important for young children?

Music and rhythm helps to engage the students more and gets them into the activity. As we learned in 255 last semester that there needs to be some sort of hook that draws interest into a lesson. Music and songs are a good way to do this, and if there is a message in the song, the music will help the students to memorize the information.

Define laterality and explain why tracing giant letters helps reinforce cognitive learning?Laterality is taking a concept that humans prefer to use one side of their body for a task over the other. Drawing the large letters stimulates the students cognitively, because it is taking their handwriting and reading skills and having them do them on a larger scale and out of their normal comfort zone, i.e. paper and pencil. This also will allow for those kinesthetic learners to build their skills and take more away from the lesson.

Why are educators concerned about young children not being able to keep an internal beat?

When children sing and dance around it is natural for them to be slightly off beat, however they will still be maintaining their own personal beat going on in their head. This beat is one that we cannot hear; this is because it is in the child’s brain. If the child has no inner beat, this could potentially be a sign that something is going on in the child’s brain physically preventing this natural beat.

Define homo-lateral and cross lateral movements?

Homo-lateral movements are movements that involve using only one side of the body to do the action. An example of this would be raising your right arm and leg simultaneously; similar to the motion of a lay-up. Even though in a lay-up you are jumping off the other leg, the action of raising the arm and the leg at the same time is the homo lateral movement. Cross lateral movement will involve action on the opposite side of the body. This could be alternating planks where you stick one arm out and the opposite leg out.

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  1. Great Will, another reason why we modify push ups and sit ups with young children is because they do not necessary have the body strength and ability to complete such a task. We therefore focus on strengthening the core of the body with different modifications.
    Love the bees!