Friday, September 23, 2011

Where Are My Turkeys?!?!

It’s always interesting watching one’s self on video, regardless of what you are doing, as well as hearing what you actually said while teaching. It is even more uncomfortable to watch yourself teaching as silly a lesson as I chose to do. While we all got a good laugh out of the lesson, my energy was fantastic, and I felt the others in the group fed off of me and let themselves go out a little further than they would have on their own. I was loud, confident and tried to push the limits of the group while still keeping everyone under control. I still need to work on flowing from one topic to the next, but this will come with time and practice. As far as the value of this lesson is
concerned, I think that while this was a very unconventional approach to the topic, it was still quite effective in getting the students to understand the importance of creating distance. For my next lesson I would like to keep the energy high and hopefully keep pushing the group release their inhibitions and drive fully into the lesson. If they are able to continue committing to the lessons the students will benefit far more than just teaching the skills of cutting and starting/stopping.

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