Friday, March 4, 2011

Teachers Still Learn

Working as a snowboard instructor at Labrador Mtn. I come in contact with a wide variety of people on a day to day basis. Everyone from entire families, young children, and people from all different career paths. This past week I had the opportunity to teach a group of college students that were all education majors and came to the mountain to learn something new that they could use to relate to their students. This made me think, that more of our own physical education majors need to be getting out in the community and trying new activities that they could in turn pass on to their own future students. We have many students here at Cortland that have never experienced any of the outdoor activities this area has to offer, and that is a shame. There is a multitude of activities that are not only enjoyable, but also have excellent psychomotor and cognative skills associated with them. We all need to be expanding our "bag of tricks" and get involved in some of these activities and share our experiences with students. Needless to say the group had a great time and learned a lot, and hopefully one of them might pick up the sport as a lifetime activity that they will carry with them forever.

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